High-pressure aggregate FOGsys CMSeco60 was designed for small and medium-sized rooms. Built on the proven high-quality components the ensure trouble-free operation for years. The aggregate is equipped with a precise pre-filter, carbon filter, and the filter reverse osmosis system providing water of the highest purity. So purified water has a direct effect on the life of the nozzles. At the same time it Prevents the deposition of dust on the equipment in a humidified room. For the safety of the people corresponds to the UV sterilizer. Unsplit driver while accurately maintains the humidity at a preset level.

The most important information


CMSeco aggregate are equipped with numerous security features That still care about the safety of users and the same aggregte. These include:
- protection against dry running (eg. A closed inlet valve)
- protection against too soiled filters
- protection from the lack of output (eg. The closure of the valve output)
- protection against excessive flow of output (eg. Safety risk )
- thermal protection of the pump


High-end humidistat allows on the precise regulation of humidity in the room. In addition this setting the required humidity also allows you to set the time and hysteresis parameter. In addition to turn off the system while Maintaining preview on the current conditions of the room conditions, ie. The relative humidity and temperature

Reverse osmosis filter

Each unit has a built-in reverse osmosis filter Which is Responsible for supplying deionized water to the system. So purified water has a direct effect on the life of the nozzle and the same installation. Prevents scale deposits on the nozzles as well as the dust on equipment inside the humidified. This solution works perfectly everywhere where we want to clean and long and trouble-free operation

UV sterilizer

People always put safety first, because all of our units are equipped with UV sterilizers. That they guarantee the mist sprayed on surfaces there will be no bacteria or viruses. Exactly the same solutions are used in the sterilization of water in urban water supply systems or swimming pools

Driver FOGsys HST

All units FOGsys CMSeco series 6060 are equipped with wired controller FOGsys HST used to adjust the desired humidity with The Possibility of a system shutdown. The controller is equipped with a precision humidistat, Which measures air humidity exactly where we want it to Maintain the Prescribed level. Additionally, the constantly displays the current temperature and air humidity. Switch the system can be Deactivated at any time while leaving the Possibility to view all parameters.

Technical data

High-pressure aggregate FOGsys CMSeco60

Output parameters
Number of zones 1
Productivity 10..60 l/h
Output pressure 40..70 bar
Output connector 3/8 cal
Input parameters
Input pressure 3..6 bar
Water consumption 40..100 l/h
Input connector 3/8 cal
Sewage connector 3/8 cal
Electrical parameters
Electrical Power 400 W
Supply Voltage 230 V
Dimensions (width x height x depth) 670 x 390 x 405 mm
Weights 40 kg

Controller FOGsys HST

Power supply
Voltage 24 ±10 % V
Power 2 VA
Cable 4 x 0.5 mm²
Measuring range 5..95 % RH
Resolution 0.1 % RH
Precision ±2 % RH
Type of sensor CMOS
Measuring range 0..50 °C
Resolution 0.1 °C
Precision ±0.4 % ±0.3 °C
Units °C / °F
Type of sensor CMOS

External dimensions

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